Monday, November 10, 2008

JD's Award for Protest Sign of the Week Goes to

My favorite banner of the last few days:

(if you aren't aware, egg laying chickens received 65% of the California vote for fair treatment while homosexuals received 47%).

To download and print out any of the banners Rob made (above), go to this address:

To join the gay boycott of businesses that gave money to Prop 8:

I'm sorry to say that locally in Los Angeles that includes EL COYOTE.  Don't go near there!!!!

If you'd like to buy some FIGHT THE H8 t-shirts, go here:


citizen spot 2nd class said...

I agree with your choice of the best banner. Ha! Thanks again for the links and info. Yes. We. Can.

jay said...

Great choice, I wonder though if people in Texas for tomorrow's rallies would "get it" without seeing the post... very funny in a sad, sad way.