Saturday, November 1, 2008

The Mormons are Coming! The Mormons Are Coming!

Hello Darlings,

Another homemade ad, this one starring Bridget McManus (who's also on the fabulous cover of the new CURVE this month).

Although, I think if this really happened, Bridget woulda actually invited them in, fixed a cocktail and had them dancing with their shirts off to WE ARE FAMILY within 3 hours, but this is the other side of things.

PS: A good companion piece to this is CJ Cox's LATTER DAYS (which was recently voted #4 on's list of the 50 Greatest Gay Films Ever Made).

Please remember, there are GOOD Mormons. But as a church, they do spend ALOT of money trying to ruin us.

1 comment:

Daniel Frank said...

This should have been on TV last night. I would have had nightmares for sure!!