Friday, July 11, 2008

What's Your Problem? Episode 17

Episode 17: "Photos, Friends & Pheromones: Part II"

My Guests: artist, Kerry Krenzin
my dear friend, John W. McLaughlin

Episode 17, "Photos, Friends & Pheromones: Part II" picks up where we left off last week with Cathy and her guests - her dear friend and co-creator of their current project in development, Slate&Kelly (, John W. McLaughlin and artist/photographer Kerry Krenzin.

In part II, they get to a letter from W.Y.P viewer "hoops", who has questions about how to navigate dating when you bring mental illness and physical scars to the table.

The three out friends discuss this issue while Lucia takes a breather to deal with a tummy ache in the other room... (bad cheese?) When they decide to share their scars with us veiwers Cathy drops trou, and despite her on camera decision to edit it out... it some how makes the final cut anyway.

While the issues addressed today are certainly nothing to laugh about, Cathy and her guests find a way to keep us smiling... as usual.

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