Saturday, July 12, 2008

Delicious. My favorite. An economic boycott

Hello Darlings, well you know there's nothing I enjoy more than participating in our glbt equal rights movement by way of the economic boycott - it's the marching/picketing/rioting for the new millennium.

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Straight (so to speak) to the top

Gay boycott urged of 2 San Diego hotels:

Same-sex marriage advocates urged travelers Thursday to boycott two hotels owned by a San Diego County businessman who gave $125,000 to a group backing a California ballot initiative to ban gay marriage.

Doug Manchester, who owns the Manchester Grand Hyatt in downtown San Diego and the Grand Del Mar golf resort near La Jolla, donated the money to the National Organization for Marriage in January.

Companies love the web. They get to hide behind the 'contact form' where your message may or may not get to the person who you want to hear it.

So, if you're pissed over the fact that two hotels in San Diego are donating to the anti-gay ballot initiative in California you can hop over to Hyatt's or The Grand Del Mar's contact page OR you can take a few minutes and locate the email of the guy in charge and get him a bunch of personal messages.

So... Unhappy with these hotels?

  Go straight directly to the top by emailing these guys

Please help our cause by spreading the news to your friends and family.

For a list of the organizations that are supporting and promoting the BAN ON SAME SEX MARRIAGE click here.

For a list of companies and individuals, click here:

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