Monday, July 21, 2008

Awards Night Winners

The Smoking Cocktail would like to congratulate all the winners at Outfest Awards Night last night.

A special nod out to friend Dave O Brien and Nicole Bilderback, whose work and creative endeavors I've followed for a while. These kudos are well deserved and long over due! Also to HAMLET 2 and Andy Flemming - great work! I can't wait to see that film again when it opens in theatres in August.

Nicole won for her complex yet understated performance in THE NEW TWENTY as a woman whose only fault is being smarter and more successful than all the men around her.

Dave won for the documentary EQUALITY U.

Caroline Coal won for her documentary about the LA Gay and Lesbian Elder Housing: A PLACE TO LIVE.

I will post all the other winners once Outfest posts them!  Meanwhile, here are some photos from Brian Putnam.

Model JP Calderon

Nicole Bilderback from THE NEW TWENTY.

TR Knight.

JP with Janice Dickenson

Director Donna Deitch (Desert Hearts)

Emerging talent winner Dave O Brien.

Best actor winner Tye Olsen with Calpernia Addams (TransAmerican Love Story).


Rex Lee (Entourage)

Grand Jury Awards

Outstanding U.S. Dramatic Feature (Heineken Red Star Award):

Were the World Mine, directed by Thomas Gustafson

Outstanding International Dramatic Feature:

XXY, directed by Lucia Puenzo

Outstanding Documentary Feature:

Sex Positive, directed by Daryl Wein

Outstanding Actor in a Feature Film:

Tye Olson in Watercolors

Outstanding Actress in a Feature Film:

Nicole Bilderback in The New Twenty

Outstanding Screenwriting:

James Bolton, Dream Boy

Outstanding Dramatic Short:

Countertransference, directed by Madeleine Olnek

Outstanding Documentary Short:

La Corona (The Crown), directed by Amanda Micheli and Isabel Vega

Special Programming Awards

Outfest Freedom Award:

Football Under Cover, directed by David Assmann and Ayat Najafi

Outstanding Emerging Talent ($5,000 product grant from Kodak):

Dave O'Brien, director, Equality U

Outstanding Artistic Achievement:

Matt Wolf, director, Wild Combination: A Portrait of Arthur Russell

Audience Awards
HBO Outstanding First Dramatic Feature ($5,000 cash prize):

Watercolors, directed by David Oliveras

Outstanding Dramatic Feature:

Hamlet 2, directed by Andrew Fleming

Outstanding Documentary Feature:

A Place to Live, directed by Carolyn Coal

Outstanding Dramatic Short:

I’m Jin-Young, directed by Lee Sung-eun

Outstanding Documentary Short:

La Corona (The Crown), directed by Amanda Micheli and Isabel Vega

Outstanding Soundtrack:

Hamlet 2

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