Sunday, July 20, 2008

Stars, stars and More Stars

If the film festival had just been this weekend - it would have been enough! Starting Friday night, there were so many stars and so many wonderful films, panels and parties....

MULLIGANS was a big crowd pleaser, as was GIRLS SHORTS, SORDID LIVES and ANOTHER GAY SEQUEL. To follow are the photos.

As per usual, the good ones are from photographer Brian Putnam.

Jonah Blechman, Todd Stephens (director, ANOTHER GAY SEQUEL, EDGE OF SEVENTEEN, GYPSY 83) with Perez Hilton and Peter Stickles (Shortbus, The Lair)

Writer/director Del Shores of SORDID LIVES.  You can catch this on LOGO starting next week!

Queer as Folk mini reunion at the MULLIGANS screening.

Reichen at the MULLIGANS screening.   He was fabulous at the Outfest Screenwriting Reading as a gay Army captain.  IN real life, Reichen's a graduate of the Air Force Academy and a retired Captain/pilot from the military.

I heart the Ford.  1200 homos under the stars.

The Ford is nestled in the side of the Hollywood Hills.

Margaret Cho at the SORDID LIVES q and a. 

If you don't know who this is, you're not gay.

At OUTFEST the volunteers are the stars, as seen here.  The festival has a small staff and is powered every year by 200 volunteers from the community. 

The stars of MULLIGANS.

Director of MULLIGANS Chip Hale with beautiful women.

The rumours are true.  I did get a lot of kisses at All Girl Friday.

Brandon Lim from ANOTHER GAY SEQUEL.

Candis Cayne and Calpernia Adams. As always, they're bringing classy back.

Director Todd Stephens is flanked by the cast of ANOTHER GAY SEQUEL.

Saturday was the Gay-sian-Palloza at the DGA.  Reps from about 5 of the local Asian Pacific orgs were there, as well as hosting a series of great movies and throwing a helluva a party from 1-4 pm in the Heineken lounge.

Not all gays stand around sipping martinis and acting fabulous.  We read too!!!  Folks relax between screenings and catch up on their LGBT news and politics at the Directors Guild.

This was a great conversation for me!  Producers Andrea Sperling and Andrea James at the ALL GIRL NIGHT post post party at the Palms.

At the ALL GIRL post party at... I don't recall the name of the place, but it was lovely.

Calpernia, Willem and Darrell getting ready for SORDID LIVES and ANOTHER GAY SEQUEL.

Luther, Joe, Greg (CLOUT MAGAZINE) and Thea Gill.  We all just sat around and chatted Saturday afternoon at the DGA.  Topics:  Politics and fashion.  I know, we're SO GAY.

The Directors Panel on Saturday with some of my absolute favorite lgbt filmmakers:  Greg Araki (great arms there, Greg, been working out?!) - THE LIVING END, THE DOOM GENERATION, MYSTERIOUS SKIN, Donna Deitch (DESERT HEARTS), Andrew Flemming (my new favorite film of the year HAMLET 2) and Don Roos (THE OPPOSITE OF SEX and HAPPY ENDINGS).  Moderated by Paris Barclay.

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