Wednesday, July 16, 2008

A Conversation with CHAD ALLEN

Today, a video interview with the rugged and sexy (but married, sorry boys!) out leading man Chad Allen.

Chad's latest film - ON THE OTHER HAND, DEATH premiered at OUTFEST 2008 and will be coming to theatres soon before landing on television on the here! network.

This is the third in a series of gay detective films called The Donald Strachey Mysteries, produced by here! with Allen as a rugged, no-nonsense gay private-eye who lives with his life partner, a cutie-pie proper politician in a relationship director Ron Oliver likens to The Thin Man series.

Others have compare it to McMillan and Husband or a gay Rockford Files. The movies are from a series of books by the same name.

The first two Strachey mysteries, A SHOCK TO THE SYSTEM and THIRD MAN OUT can be rented or purchased at Amazon. Look for ICE BLUES to premiere soon as the studio shot the latest two films back to back!

With piercing baby blues, boyish good looks yet an inescapable edge, Chad first made a splash on ST. ELSEWHERE then on DR QUINN MEDICINE WOMAN, then an even bigger splash (or cannonball, if you will) when we came out of the closet.

Chad through the ages, from child actor to out actor redefining how gays are represented in tv and film

After a very public bought with drug and alcohol addiction (he was on 20/20 and E! True Hollywood Story), he cleaned up, came out and is now not just acting, but producing as well as raising money for lgbt causes and providing a sober (and uber hunky) role model for our community.

Chad's current projects: LOOPED at the Pasadena Playhouse, On the Other Hand, Death and his own picture SAVE ME

In this video interview below - taped at the LIFEWORKS MENTORING comedy fundraiser, an organization we both support - the rugged yet down-to-earth Allen talks shop about his current and upcoming projects and about coming out in Hollywood.

He dishes about shooting the Strachey movies, and his new play at the Pasadena Playhouse about Tallulah Bankhead starring Valerie Harper, LOOPED. Chad also shares about the play THE LITTLE DOG LAUGHED at Hartford last fall.

Finally, Allen also talks about a project dear to his heart, the upcoming release of his Sundance hit SAVE ME, which also starred Judith Light and Robert Gant.

Allen was a Producer on SAVE ME, which deals with a gay drug addict sent to a Christian rehab. There he meets and falls for another homosexual in recovery, while being inspired and challenged by a conservative Christian counselor played by Judith Light.

pictured, with Valerie Harper in LOOPED

SAVE ME is coming to theatres next month. LOOPED is currently at the Pasadena Playhouse. ON THE OTHER HAND, DEATH is premiering on the here! network in the fall.

Chad donates his time to raise money and awareness for a variety of non profit causes, including participating in the AIDS ride every year.

Here he is at LAMBDA's fundraiser, and at the Convenant House singing a touching rendition of I BELIEVE I CAN FLY. Just kidding about that last part.

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