Thursday, July 17, 2008

Tonight!!! LIVE ON STAGE!

Want to see the next big thing in Gay Film before anyone else?

TONIGHT! Please come check out the Outfest Screenwriting Lab Reading
tonight at 7:30pm in DGA 2.

These are staged readings of highlights from the winning scripts
in this years screenwriting competition - the winners had workshops
with top Hollywood writers over an intensive week as part of this
year's Outfest.

The climax is tonight's readings, where they will get
to experience their work in the hands of experienced directors, a
full cast (including a few stars) and real live audience!

Ash Christian
P.David Ebersole
Lee Friedlander
Jon Shear
Guinevere Turner

Craig Chester, Sally Kirkland, Reichen Lehmkuhl, Jeff Meek, Brad
Rowe, Thea Gill, Jason Stuart, Leigh Rose, Emily Brooke Hands, Brian
Chenoweth, Dominique Dibbell, Mary Scheer, Gregg Strouse, Eddie
Mills, Stephanie Sanditz, Kavi Ladinier, Sheldon Salmiery, Coly
Denhaan, Jennifer Riker, Natalie Salins, Bostin Christopher, Joseph
Castanon, Jean St. James, Ben Campbell, Justin Schaefers, Jon Palmer,
Rebecca Sirmons, Kasra Tajik

This is the second year for this event - it's fun and you might just
get a preview of next year's big thing!

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