Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Stars on the Rise: The New Twenty Cast Interviews

Today, a video interview with two of the stars of THE NEW TWENTY, Colin Fickes and Nicole Bilderback, taped live this afternoon poolside at The Sherman.

THE NEW TWENTY sold out it's World Premiere at OUTFEST on Saturday, then sold out it's second screening on Tuesday. Outfest has added a third screening this upcoming Sunday afternoon, so if you're in town, grab those tickets now!

The film is an ensemble piece about a group of friends with several gay characters, including the one played by Colin, who opens the film with his hysterical take on online gay dating.

Nicole plays a woman having more success (much more) in her New York finance job than her hottie fiance. Nikki told me she recently came out so she said it was okay if I printed the fact that she not only plays Asian but is Asian in real life (her words).

Colin Fickes has starred in ROGER DODGER, Sundance favorites CHRYSTAL and THE GO-GETTER, and Outfest's SUNNY AND SHARE LOVE YOU. He has also guested on several episodics including Dawson's Creek, Boston Public and LAW & ORDER: SVU to name just a few.

You might recognize Nicole from her starring roles in BRING IT ON and CLUELESS, and her episodic work in Without a Trace, House and Heroes.

Here's the interview: (there's two cuts where we removed SPOILERS!! So this is spoiler free)

The end has a little technical glitch, but you know, pretend it's radio for the last two minutes.

For more info on the film, visit:

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