Monday, July 14, 2008

What the Gays are Watching on YouTube

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This is a segment I call, What The Gays Are Watching and it's clips from the internet that folks send me, or I've come across that are of lgbt interest.

The thing I love about the internet is how it connects us to a world of people. This is especially true in the lgbt world since for some gays in America their only access to other homosexuals in their small towns is through the internet. Personally, it also helps me stay in touch with how every day lgbt folks think and feel across the US (because let's face it, the way it is out here in LA LA Land...a world of it's own!)

also featured on this week's What The Gays Are Watching on Television.

I'm really not sure how I am going to go on now that the wonderful week of of MSNBC's COUNTDOWN WITH KEITH OLBERMANN with guest host Rachel Maddow has ended. I was subscribing to the show via ITUNES for free, and it was such a delight to come home from OUTFEST every night and get my leftist news from a real live, out lesbian.

For those of you who wish Anderson Cooper would come out, there is a new kid on the news block and guess what...she is out. The AIR AMERICA radio show host got her start at a Massachusetts radio station then quickly moved on to a cohost gig on AIR AMERICA until she got her own show, THE RACHEL MADDOW SHOW. Within a few years, she was a staple on a variety of MSNBC and CNN news shows as a guest commentator beautifully taking on (and taking down) folks like Pat Buchannan, FOX NEWS and Ann Coulter.

This Rhodes Scholar combines a sharp mind with a clever wit, and the complete ability to challenge without fear.

Here she is commenting on ANN COULTER's new book, where she opens with, "Well, she's an ex girlfriend of mine..." (to which Tucker responds "If you have video of that!")

Here's a clip of her show on Air America:

Here she is taking on Pat Buchanan

For more info from my blog on Maddow

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