Monday, July 7, 2008

Gay News Bits for Monday


Are you enjoying SWINGTOWN on CBS these days? Everyone else is making it the big hit of the sleeper summer season.

Well, the executive producer and frequent director is out-gay producer Alan Poul. Some of you may know his previous work as he was a producer on MY SO CALLED LIFE, which was historical for the coming out of star Wilson Cruz, and later on a little show called SIX FEET UNDER.

This adds to a rather long and impressive list of out gay show runners including Greg Berlanti for BROTHERS AND SISTERS, Silvio Horta for UGLY BETTY, Bruce Cohen for PUSHING DAISIES, Marc Cherry on DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES and Craig Wright for DIRTY SEXY MONEY.

mama mia gayI broke down yesterday and saw an advanced screening of MAMA MIA! and I just have to say I think I saw the face of god.

Am I too old to have a picture of Meryl Streep in my locker?

I'm definitely going to be at OUTFEST for their all gay preview screening as I'm sure it will be a religious experience.

FYI - a lesbian directed this movie and yes...there is a gay character in it!

Plus I'll just say... I have never seen straight women do drag. It was like Pricilla Queen of the Greek Isles. It was like GREASE for the AARP set.


Openly lesbian AIR AMERICA dj and political commentator Rachel Maddow filled in again last week on KEITH OLBERMANN'S COUNTDOWN, and it was officially announced that she is now his permanent fill in host.

Maddow shares with Olbermann a biting edge to political news that often comes with hysterical humour.

Kudos to the show for picking such a fabulous fill-in! This is another big step up for Maddow who lives with her partner of many years back east.

I personally got a kick out of her "newscaster drag". As you can see from the photos of her on her AIR AMERICA show, then all dressed up for the MSNBC show.

If you have not yet discovered how political commentary can be drop dead hysterical, check out her youtube page with clips from her Radio Show, and start tivo-ing COUNTDOWN (or do like I do and subscribe to it on ITUNES under Pod Casts - it's free!).

Here's Rachel smacking down Pat Buchanan. SMACKING DOWN!! Damn, she's fucking good!

And if you want to watch her as a political rock star, check out her youtube page at:

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