Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Watch Video: The new national anti gay ad...and the audition tapes for it!

So if you're on myspace or facebook, you've already seen this anti gay ad. I have to admit, when I watched it, since I"m in the biz, I was thinking...who are these actors that would do this?! I mean this is worse that a hemorrhoid or tampon commercial.

So watch the nasty, hateful add, then watch the auditions!!!!

The ad:

The auditions:


Daniel Frank said...

"I am a California Dr. who must choose between my faith and my job." I don't see the it just me?

I thought Dr were supposed to treat illnesses/injuries and save lives. Where is it listed in their job description that they must support marriage equality or they will loose their job??? Where in religion does it say you must protect marriage or you will be excommunicated?

Must be all that damn fine print no one ever bothers to read.

littlemunster said...

OMG!! JD!! My ribs hurt from laughing... one of the lamebots said "rainbow collusion" lol shame on them!! I'm spreading the word like a herpie herp!! lol

love yeah

Little Munster