Sunday, April 19, 2009

NOM folks Try To Explain the Gathering Storm Ads on Hardball

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What a gorgeous day. Let's see if I still feel that way when it hits 100 degrees in the Valley.

Here's your update on your gay rights for today: A clip from Hard Ball with Maggie Gallagher from NOM (those raving idiots who made The Gathering Storm the way, thank you, you are giving us so much press) and Joe Solmonese from HRC.

Joe makes a good point when he notes that these days the only way people can get away with bigotry is by hiding behind Religion.  

By the way, these people are so stupid, that they thought the Colbert report coverage was good for them. I'm not kidding. Check out their blog and make sure to leave a comment!

The video on Colbert is a few posts back.

A little background on this "Rhodes Scholar", Maggie Gallagher.  Her claim to fame writing an op ed for The New York Times defending Dan Quayle when he attacked Murphy Brown for being an unwed mother.
For those of you too young to remember, Murphy Brown was a show that celebrated a powerful, educated woman in the then man's world of journalism, who was tough as nails, as well as being a recovered alcoholic. So it celebrated equal rights for women and recovery. Dan Quayle was the vice president who when visiting an elementary school, gently corrected a child for misspelling a word - potato. The 12 year old was right, and Quayle was wrong.

Even though this woman went to Yale, she is brilliantly idiotic.  NOM is also the organization bringing you "2 Million for Marriage", which they are advertising as 2M4M.

I'm not kidding.

I mean, really, does this get any better? First the Republicans are Tea Bagging, now the anti gay group is going all 2M4M.

Astounding, really.

Tune in tomorrow morning for my dish and photos from the Los Angeles GLAAD Awards.  It wasn't televised this year, so there was lots of interesting, uncensored moments!


citizen spot said...

Well, it seems that they are getting quite an earful on their blog comments. Heh!

Lisa said...

I love that she complains because theses laws will apply "to ALL of us."
Isn't that how the laws in this country are supposed to be applied? "To ALL of us"?