Saturday, April 4, 2009

Photos, Dinah Shore 2009 Saturday Pool Party

Dear god, there's like nothing left of me. Being a lesbian is very tiring. Today we hung out at the pool party with the folks from here! and LOGO (our two gay tv networks) and celesbians Erin Kelly, Sandra Valls, Cherry Bomb, Michelle Cluine, Jill Bennet and more!

I have so much dish, but if I talk, I will be murdered. I just got back from the dog park - that's not a euphemism, I have Charlie with me - and I only have one hour to make myself pretty, sober and presentable before I head out again.

Meanwhile, here's the photos. What did Edward R Murrow used to say? And "you are there".

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Solo said...

JD, thanks for keeping us in the loop! It gets lonely here on the Third Coast!