Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Miss California Can Kiss My Ass

A couple of days ago, the video hit youtube.  

It was a clip from the Miss America pageant where the very, very out gossip dude Perez Hilton asked Miss California, "Vermont just became the fourth state to allow gay marriage, do you think every state should follow suit?" 

To which she responded hate and bigotry. "I believe marriage should be between a man and a woman."  The youtube video has been the most watched clip for the last few days on their site.

Today, Donald Trump called Miss California into his office, but alas, she was not dethroned.  

As if Trump wasn't already on my x list for being so tacky and nouveau riche.  

When questioned about her answer, the airhead responded, "I just had to speak from my faith (read as bigotry)."

Let me be very clear on this.  You are not being true to your faith.  You are being a bigot.  You are discriminating against a group of people, as if you are some form of elitist.  You are hiding behind faith.   Hiding behind religion.  Using that to justify downright, white trash, uneducated bigotry.  

Um, I apologize to white trash and the uneducated.  I happen to know several people that fit that description, and they ALL believe in same gender marriage, and equality for all.  

I think actress Calpernia Addams said it based on her facebook update:  "When are you fucking people going to stop doing these people's hair and make up!?"

True dat.  I don't expect to see a single lgbt person anywhere the hatefull Miss California, Carrie Prejean.  

If you'd like to let her know how her words help spread hate, discrimination and violence, please...knock yourself's her Facebook Page. 

Here's the video, if you missed it.


Anonymous said...


Tarra Slovan said...

She can kiss my ass too!!

Anonymous said...

Actually you homosexuals seem to me to be some of the most hateful people around. I personally know one of you, my cousin who has full blown aids, dying, hateful, bitter, hates alot of people and still has sex with people too.

Anonymous said...

To Anonymous "I personally know one of you" -- How sad is that?! Please consider this: "Great spirits have always encountered violent opposition from mediocre minds." -- Albert Einstein. Your hatrid is really shameful. Why don't you simply LOVE your cousin... how refreshing that might be.

Anonymous said...

she can kiss my black ass ,white trash