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An Evening with Women Recap: Christina Aguilera, Sharon Stone, Cybil Shepherd, Linda Perry, Kate Moennig....

Hello Kittens,

Well, after watching clips from the Miss America "competition" last week, I was completely convinced that any gorgeous looking woman was completely vapid, stupid and occasionally bigoted ("opposite marriages"). That concept was completely air blasted out of my head the minute I walked into the Beverly Hilton hotel on Friday night for An Evening with Women.

Beautiful women absolutely everywhere, decked out, and most of them LESBIANS (the rest being gay men, and a few of our straight allies). The vibe was fabulous, and everyone looked just stunning.

This is the annual sapphic fundraiser for our Los Angeles Gay and Lesbian Center, aka "Women's Night", which was revamped this year by uber music producer (and out lesbian) Linda Perry (from Four Non Blondes, and composer of such mega hits as "Beautiful", "Get this Party Started"). Stars in attendance included Christina Aguilera, Kate Moenning, Clea Duval, Clementine Ford, Jane Lynch, Leisha Haley, Cybil Shephed, Sara Silverman...and more, but don't get mad if I don't remember because I'm very short and I can't see EVERYONE.

The show was off the hook wonderful, with musical performances by Linda Perry, Christina Aguilera and Ah Ha Her. And an insanity performance by Sharon Stone. I'm not sure how that all went as we all got up and went out for a smoke after Stone said, "Listen people, I get millions of dollars and I'm here for free so you're going to listen to me!"...which happened after she talked for twenty minutes with sincerity and a total lack of subjects, nouns and verbs having anything to do with each other.

Although it's always interesting to hear Stone at these events because it makes me kinda see what Frances Farmer was like before the studio had her dragged out in a shower curtain through the lobby of the Knickerbocker Hotel to get that lobotomy.

Needless to say, the ladies loved her none the less.

Cybil Shepherd and Clementine Ford, the mom-daughter team from real life and The L Word had a great schtick, which I think they should just turn into a sitcom. Mom Shepherd is so proud of her recently out daughter, that she has embraced all things lesbian, including doing sex scenes with Leisha Haley on The L Word. Ford rolled her eyes like it was an Olympic Event, and it was all pretty adorable.

Perez Hilton was in the house. As was Sharon Osbourne. Samantha Ronson was spinning the after party, which was packed.

Anyway, a bunch of stuff happened, and absolutely everyone had a blast. Checking in with friends the next day, it seems people stayed until 3 am.

Five local lesbians were honored for their work in the community (including me. Yeah, I know, they are now giving out awards for cocktailing and cavorting). Those included Anne Marie Williams, Adelina Anthony, Hannah Howard, and Dr Katherine Gabel. (bios available here)

Here's my tribute video... the uncensored version!!! The rest of the Lace Videos are coming soon!

My table was profoundly rowdy and I will publicly apologize now to whoever that really, really nice person was at the Center that put us right up there in front practically on the stage. But I thank my friends for continuing to buy bottles of wine for the table all night.

ANd here's coverage of the event from E! News:

THe price was a little steep, but let me tell you this, ladies, save up your money for next year! As an added plus, when producer Linda Perry was told they were not going to have more affordable tickets available this year, she decided to buy three entire tables herself, with those seats to be raffled off at local lesbian nightlife events over the past few months so everyone could have a chance to come. I met a few of those women that won with a $5 raffle ticket and they were thrilled to attend the event, so thanks Ms Perry!

And here's all the photos:

Photo credits: Brian Putnam, Lydia Marcus, Shannon Connolly, me.

This just in! Here are all the LACE VIDEO TRIBUTES for all the Honorees of the Evening from Monument Films:
Dr Katherine Gabel

Anne Marie Williams

Adelena Anthony

Hannah Howard


citizen spot said...

Thank you so much for the pics and vids! Looks like a good time was had by all, and for a good cause. Congratulations to you and the other award recipients! Sharon Stone seemed kind of loopy in that red carpet interview vid. Loved your commentary on her contribution to the evening's festivities. ;)

Coozmic said...

congratulations and thank you for your wonderful blog!i really enjoyed reading it!i´m forwarding the link to Linda Perry´s forum.
respectful greetings from holland,
Marianne Vedder a.k.a Coozmic

Anonymous said...

Hello :)

i'm curious to know... do you have any video or audio of Christina and Linda's performance of "Mother?" such a great song and so appropriate for the evening.