Monday, April 13, 2009

Things that make me angry....

Things that make me angry:

> Waiting to hear the California Supreme Court ruling on Prop 8

> That Obama bought a pure bred dog instead of adopting from a shelter LIKE HE PROMISED. Curse you and your propaganda and broken promises.

> (see previous blog entry)

Things that make me happy:

> Sara Palin's daughter's baby daddy singing like a canary on Tyra Banks.

> Susan Boyle, see below

Not since Judy Garland declared "I'm Mrs. Normal Maine" has an uttering of one's own designation been as fabulously powerful as recently on Britain's Got Talent when a mousy, 47 year-old unemployed spinster got on stage and uttered, "My name is Susan Boyle".

You can watch the following clip, but the rest is - as they say - history. Or at least the feel-good youtube video being played currently across the country.

Boyle lives alone in the house she once shared with her entire family, including her numerous siblings, but now only having her cat Pebbles as a room mate. She had been mocked and bullied as a child because a birth issue left her with learning disabilities. Her mother had always urged her to go on Britain's Got Talent, but she was too shy. After mum passed away two years ago, Boyle mustered up the courage to sign up.

And here's what happened.


ElenĂ¡ro said...

As I've said before: Cynical this! Amazing woman! Those people who made fun of her for whatever reason paid for their mistake with something far more valuable than money to them: pride. They had to swallow it right down their throats.

Martha Q. said...

Hi JD,
Susan's lovely voice made me cry. I'm a Special Education Teacher and this really touched my heart.

MsLizVt said...

Her name is Susan Boyle ... and she has me in tears ... Fantastic!

Minnie-sota said...

JD, there's a wee detail wrong in your sentence about Obama. He did did not "buy" a pure bred dog. It was a gift from Senator Ted Kennedy and his wife to the girls.