Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Super Gay Tuesday- Big Gay Sketch Premiere Party

Well I started my Super Gay Tuesday co-hosting The Frank DeCaro Show on Sirius Radio which is always The Doria Biddle Show when he's away.

Bridget McManus was our first guest (pictured here on left) She brought in little hand puppets for us and I had to basically watch Biddle through the entire show gesticulate with those things on her hand.

I love radio. I didn't have to put on make up or worry about what I was wearing.

Of course, Biddle had to repeatedly remind me we were on national radio because I always tend to get wrapped up in the girl talk and forget anyone is listening.

But then, when it was off to the parties for the night...then I got all the things I said in the morning thrown back in my face.

Let me just set the record straight here, k? I am neither a plushy nor a furry, k?

Just because I want to do a new staged version on the LA stages of A STREETCAR NAMED DESIRE starring Jill Bennett and Baby Bridget... does not mean I have a thing for stuffed animals.

I am just a devote of crushing passionate drama and I just call 'em when I see 'em.

So the first stop of the evening was the LOGO party for the premiere of the Second Season of THE BIG GAY SKETCH SHOW at the Falcon.

I love LOGO and I love everyone doing shows there.

Well, not EVERYONE! But you know, almost everyone.

On the left here is Julie Goldman, Nicol Paone and Kate McKinnon.

This is new cast member Paolo Andino, who got a HUGE round of applause from the crowd (he's kinda hot).

He was on the radio program in the morning along with Stephen and Nicol.

By the way, you can download The Big Gay Sketch Show on ITUNES!

The next picture is one of my favorite actors, Brett Chuckerman who was in the film I produced last year EATING OUT 2.

This year you can see him in THE CURIOSITY OF CHANCE.

With writer and karaoke queen Lisa Dickey who I barely recognized because in the 8 months I've known her I've never seen her in a button shirt. She always wears t shirts. I'm like, "Did someone have to teach you how to put the little buttons in those holes?" to which she responded, "They did it at the store, then I just had to pull it over my head at home."

Then I had to snap this EATING OUT 2 reunion photo. Brett with writer/director Phillip Bartel and writer/producer Allan Brocka.

Here we are watching clips from the show on the huge outdoor screen.

Our divine ladies of were occupying the corner booth so I stopped to say "hi" and snap a photo.

From left, Cathy DeBuono, Cathy Shim, then Jill Bennett who called me a perv for loving Baby Bridget so much and going on about it on the radio show that morning.

The next shot is the girls with Karman and IN Magazine's Courtney Jackson.

Then I crawled past the three lovely ladies to sit next to the fellows in the next booth, MTV and LOGO president Brian Graden and his bf Jimmy. I had yet to thank them for what had to be the most fabulous holiday party back in December where Brian played their gorgeous new baby grand as we all sang Christmas carols.

I kept suggesting to Brian he play a little EVERYTHING'S COMING UP ROSES...and eventually he did because let's face it. It's not Christmas without JD's Ethel Merman imitation. Party guests requested I go hang off the second floor balcony overlooking the entire city and do DON'T CRY FOR ME ARGENTINA, but I declined (read as I was too sober).

He's the shot I took of Cathy looking up at me. Her vlog on AfterEllen is really taking off! Her next guest is Suzanne Westenhoefer, which I know will be hysterical.

Here I am with Matt Jackson and Brett.

Here's producer and WOAR helmer Andrea Meyerson with Miss Jackson.

And comedian Jenny McNulty with Suzanne.

They are both performing tonight at THE IMPROV as part of GAYS R US.


Get to the Improv tonight at 7:30. Melrose just west of Crescent Heights.

As I was about to leave for the next leg of the Super Tuesday tour, I saw this devastatingly attractive man sitting outside and I had to go love on him.

It's Darryl Stephens from NOAH'S ARC and BOY CULTURE. He's just about to go up to Nova Scotia to start shooting the NOAH'S ARC feature film. I offered to knit him a sweater.

I called Jill over to with us because basically, I LOVES ME SOME OUT ACTORS!!

Here's Logo's hottie Andrew with Nicol.

If you watched the Super Bowl commercials, Drew here was the gay motivational speaker in the airline commercial.

Then it was off to ELEVEN for Linda and Michelle's FUSE girl's night.

Here I am with Linda Fusco and her lovely GF out actress Michelle Wolff.

Then Suzanne with Wolfie.

Suzanne came up to me and has finally figured out that I've been spreading false rumours on this blog that we've slept together.

Finally! I think I started those rumours like 3 months ago. Darling, read my blog more, will ya?

Meanwhile, I've gone through all the photos on this blog and I can safely say I have NOT slept with any of these women at any time. Although with two...have come close, but dignity and sobriety won out and as yet, there are still few with the bragging rights of bagging the lesbian diarist.

These are a bunch of women that came up to me to say they loved my post on Ilene taking on Sandy Sach's in THE L WORD and agreed, the personification was right on.

Then I just couldn't help myself so I ran off to karaoke. Super Mardi Gras was in full mode. Erin Foley sang with Bananas Foster....not sure the song. She below. They were tearing up the place.

I was really just marking time because I knew once I got home I'd been up all night watching election results. From those polled all night, however, mostly Hillary supporters!

In fact, see all those beads around my neck here? Well in the old days you had to show your breasts to get beads.

At ELEVEN three beautiful drag queens gave me these for voting for Hillary!

Now that's a way to merge Mardi Gras Tuesday with Super Tuesday!

So I didn't have to show my breasts, which is good. As one person pictured in these pages reminded me, she's already seen my breasts and she is the only one here.

I said, "Darling that was ten years ago, k, so just keep thinking they're that high off the ground!"

Look at them go! I'm telling you, nothing warms my jaded heart more than seeing gay men and lesbians joining together and raising their voices in glorious song.

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