Saturday, February 2, 2008

Let's Face it, You Oughta Be In Pictures

If your New Year's resolution was to kick your ass into gear and get that great gay script of your's made, then I've got two fantastic resources for you.

Screenwriting Lab Dates: June 11-13, 2008

Submission Deadline: Monday, February 4.

To be held in the spring of 2008, with a follow up event during Outfest 2008, the lab will include sessions with other industry professionals, structured career development opportunities and participation in ongoing festival events. Past Lab Fellows have gone on to a variety of successes including production of the first Outfest Screenwriting Lab script.

Gideon Raff, PEACE TALKS
Michelle Sewell, COLUMBIA ROAD
David Dean Bottrell
C. Jay Cox
Barry Sandler
Guinevere Turner
Mike Werb

John August
John Cooper
Cheryl Dunye
Silas Howard
Kevin Iwashina
Ty Lieberman
Tommy O’Haver

Billy Cogar, Here! Films
Sheri Fults, Elysian Entertainment, Inc.
Rogers Hartmann, Code Entertainment
Silas Howard
Jonathan Hung, Hung Entertainment Group
Stephen Israel, Neofightfilm, Inc.
Alex Martinez Kondracke, Free Fro Films
Andrew Oldershaw, LOGO | MTV Networks
George Reyes
Gregory Valencia

To submit, click here.

For more info, go here.

Okay, and the mother of all screenplay competitions. This is the one you must enter if you're just starting out in screenwriting and you need your big break.

The Prizes
Up to five $30,000 fellowships are awarded each year to promising new screenwriters. From the program’s inception in 1986 through 2006, nearly $2.5 million has been awarded to 102 writers.

Entry Requirements
A complete entry includes an original feature film screenplay approximately 90 to 120 pages in length, an application form, and a US$30 entry fee.

Entry Deadline
Entries must be postmarked each year by May 1.

The Competition
Since 1991, over 3,500 writers have entered the Nicholl Fellowships each year. A record 6,073 entries were received in 2004. All scripts are read at least once in the competition. About half are read a second time and about one-sixth are read a third time. About 5 percent of entries advance to the competition quarterfinals, about 2 percent advance to the semifinals and about ten reach the finals.

The first and quarterfinal rounds are judged by industry professionals who are not members of the Academy. The semifinal round is judged by Academy members drawn from across the spectrum of the motion picture industry.

Past Fellowship Recipients
Past Nicholl fellows include writer-directors Allison Anders, Victoria Arch, Doug Atchison, Radha Bharadwaj, Raymond De Felitta, Robert Edwards, Jacob Estes, Anthony Jaswinski, Mark Lowenthal and Karen Moncrieff, and writers Max Adams, Gabrielle Burton, Ronald Emmons, Jeffrey Eugenides, Scott Fifer, Myron Goble, Susannah Grant, Ehren Kruger, Andrew Marlowe, Randy McCormick, Jim McGlynn, Annmarie Morais, Dawn O’Leary, Deborah Pryor, Mike Rich, Bragi Schut, T.C. Smith, Rebecca Sonnenshine and Warren Taylor.

For information and application information GO HERE.

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