Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Lesbian Doc Wins Oscar

I have to admit, it was not a very GAY Oscar's this year.

The only two real gay moments were FREEHELD winning the best short subject award and Scott Rudin thanking his partner.

I was watching the ceremony with a group of lesbians, and we are all slightly disappointed that the FREEHELD filmmakers, two straight women, had to reiterate more than once that they were NOT gay and were married. All they would have had to do was thank their husbands. Sheesh.

Meanwhile, this is an absolutely astounding and heart breaking documentary. I caught it up at the Fresno Reel Pride festival and actor Steve Callahan (EAST SIDE STORY) and I left the theatre and literally held each other and dried our tears after the screening.

I've included a description of this doc below from their web site. Also try to catch FOR THE BIBLE TELLS ME SO in your travels, another fantastic doc.

Here were the highlights of my Oscar viewing. These are real quotes from real lesbians.

Lesbian Comment #1: "I'm glad they nominated Javier Bardem just so we can look at him."
Lesbian Comment #2: "Jennifer Garner has had face work. For sure."
Lesbian Comment #3: "George Clooney is so yummy, I just want to lick his face."
Lesbian Comment #4: "Oh no, Jennifer Hudson, the girls do NOT look good in that dress."
Lesbian Comment #5: "Helen Mirren is still smoking hot." "But she's fat." "Darling, at 65 one is allowed to have some hips, k, this isn't the fucking L Word."
Lesbian Comment #6: "Johnny Depp is hot."
Lesbian Comment #7: "Has John Stewart said anything funny yet?"
Lesbian Comment #8: "They made a movie about Edith Piaf?"

FREEHELD follows the desperate battle of Lieutenant Laurel Hester, a dying lesbian New Jersey police officer who fights to transfer her pension to her domestic partner, Stacie Andree. As her elected officials, The Freeholders, stand firmly against her, and the town explodes around her, Laurel races against time to provide for the love of her life -- before it is too late. Amidst the media circus surrounding Laurel and Stacie, Wade was alone in being granted constant access to the couple, imbuing the film with an intimacy unavailable to the mainstream media. For the last ten weeks of Laurel's life, Wade lived with Laurel and Stacie, slept in their guest room, stayed up late with them, and sat in the hospital with them. Laurel wrote Wade into her Last Will and Testament as the only person allowed to film her memorial service. WINNER - Special Jury Prize - SUNDANCE FILM FESTIVAL WINNER - Audience Award - BOSTON FILM FESTIVAL

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