Friday, February 29, 2008


In an surprising departure from the usual light daytime tone on her show, today ELLEN DENEGERES took a few moments to comment on the recent senseless slaying of 14 year old Lawrence King in Oxnard by a fellow student, brought on by homophobia.

"Larry was not a second class citizen. I am not a second class citizen," Ellen declare, "It's okay to be gay".

Ellen went on to talk about messaging in the media, and urged everyone to put an end to gays as a punchline in jokes in television, film and radio (as in last month's ridiculous jokes from Fox radio after the Heath Ledger death).

At the end, the audience - some in tears - gave her a standing ovation in support.

If you're a regular reader of this blog, you'll remember my post on the senseless killing of Sean Kennedy 8 months ago. More info on that, and for a similar rant (only with vulgar language) and info on how you can get involved: WHEN WILL WE SAY ENOUGH

Click on that link there and you can also listen to some examples of how gays are punchlines in the media.

Kudos Ellen for standing up for our rights. Kudos.

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