Monday, February 4, 2008

I'm Guest CoHosting on Sirius Out Q Again

Hello Darlings,

It's that time again on The Frank DeCaro Show when cohost Doria Biddle takes over and books all the coolest lesbians in town.

So I'm cohosting and this time I promise to be marginally awake, and moderately sober.

TUESDAY, February 5th
8 am - 11 am PACIFIC
11 am - 1 pm EASTERN

Sirius Out Q Channel 109

Don't get Sirius? Listen for free online at Sirius Out
image defaced courtesy of Wolfe Video.

Click on that link then go to FREE TRIAL at the top.

The special guests will include stand up comedian, and After Ellen vlogger Bridget McManus
members of LOGO's hysterical BIG GAY SKETCH SHOW including Paolo Andino, Stephen Guarino, Nicol Paone and Colman Domingo.

Call in with your questions at: 866-305-6887

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