Friday, February 22, 2008

Now That's What I'm Talking About - The Smoking Cocktail LGBT MIXER IN REVIEW

It's hard to pin point the MOST exciting part of the evening, but what tickled my old, gray haired fancy the most about the inaugural Smoking Cocktail LGBT Mixer was the wide range of media artists represented in attendance.

We had stand up comedians, journalists, actors, writers (play, screen and novel!), producers, directors, radio personalities, magazine editors, photographers, entire casts of gay shows, bloggers, dancers and tons of out singer/songwriters!

All areas of gay media were covered from radio to tv to film to theatre to magazine/news print to internet to recording artists.


I'm just going to throw some names out there now because there is no way I can write 'em all down next to the pictures: The cast of THE LAIR, Andrea James from Logo's TRANSAMERICA, comedians Jason Stuart, Jenny McNulty, Poppy Champlin and Kate Rigg, actor/producer Charlie David (DANTE'S COVE, MULLIGANS), Michelle Wolff (DANTE'S COVE, MANGO KISS), Thea Gill and Michelle Clunie (QUEER AS FOLK), Sundance programmer Shannon Kelley, recording artists Guy B, Melineh Kurdian, and half of the Perry Twins, producer Stephen Israel (BOY CULTURE, SWIMMING WITH SHARKS), Quincy LeNear and Deondray Gossett (GLAAD nominees for THE DL CHRONICLES), director Michelle Ehlen (BUTCH JAMIE), actors Kevin Stea (NAKED BOYS SINGING, TRUTH OR DARE), Steve Callahan (EAST SIDE STORY, NINE LIVES), Jessica Graham (2 MINUTES LATER), James Brandon (CORPUS CHRISTI), Ben and Harvey from the Ben and Harvey Show, Photographers Adam Bouska and Beck Starr, club promoters Shannon Kempa, Woody Woodbeck, and Linda Fusco, Jon Fleming (DANTE'S COVE, WILL & GRACE), LK Avelar (GLAAD), Claudette Sexy DJ, singer/actress J Karen Thomas (WHO KILLED THE ELECTRIC CAR, Mauricio Sanchez (I LOVE NEW YORK) .... and this is what I remember! I didn't even get a chance to talk to half the room!

Big thank you to promoter ELIOT LONDON who put this all together!

THANK YOU ALL FOR TURNING OUT!!! Kisses!!! And see you next month. Remember to bring your business cards, postcards and flyers and let's NETWORK!

Lesbian circle.

With Frank.

Q and D with Guy B.

My new boy crushes Brandon and Steve!!!!

From SHELTER, art director Michael Fitzgerald and editor Michael Hofacre.
Also from SHELTER, Bing Tell and Rob Cabral (they did our wonderful additional photography!)

The swing chairs were a big hit.

Jon with GF Meredith, me and Miss Jackson from IN MAGAZINE.

Kevin Stea with Paul from the Fruit Salad Show and Michelle Ehlen star/director BUTCH JAMIE.

Ben and Dave

Elliot London with the Virgin America pack.

Jessica Graham and Melineh.

Frank and Matthew from FRONTIERS with Shannon and me trying to be hip.

Me and Mr. London.

Matthew with me, Elliot and author Lisa Dickey.

Ben and Dave with Matt Chun from here!

Craig and Beck.
He had bigger hair than me.

See, I'm always with my new boy crushes Steve and Brandon!

Mauricio Sanchez from BACHELOR PARTY 2 and I LOVE NEW YORK.

Mauricio loves on Woody, from CURRENT TV.

We're smart, we wear glasses.

With my Jewish wife Jason Stuart, Elliot, LK and Brian Nolan (THE LAIR).
Poppy and Kate.

Gay movies! Gay TV shows!

Gay plays!

Jason explains the gay SAG caucus to Michael and Andrea.

Shannon seems perplexed at Lydia as Jason looks on.

It took me two hours to get through this to get to the bar.

It's Dustry Springfield!

Michael, Danny and Brian...stars of NEUROTICA.

Stars of here's vampire circuit party tv show, THE LAIR, scary, sexy-scary!!!

Out gay actors are hot.

Photos courtesy of Tony DiMaio and Beck Starr.

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