Saturday, March 8, 2008

Opportunity for Lesbian FilmMakers and Actors


In partnership with Q-Me Con (an annual conference
focusing on queer media), we're announcing a contest to find the next great
lesbian/bi web series!

While we can't give you money to make your series, we can
give you a platform to expose it to a large and very passionate fan base.
And since our readers also include women who work in the entertainment
industry at all different levels, we'll also be giving you the opportunity
to showcase your writing/editing/acting skills to women who are in a
position to fund your series.

The deadline for submission is April 15, 2008. We've posted the submission
guidelines in the forum.

Winners will be announced at the Q-Me Con NYC 2008 Women's Summit, visit .
The Grand Prize Winner will also receive:

* A feature in GO magazine .
* A 30-minute one-on-one mentorship call with Nancylee Myatt
writer, former show runner of South of Nowhere, and current producer on the
web series 3Way ).
* A 30-minute call with me to talk about online promotional strategies for
your series. (Besides running for six years, I have extensive
experience in online advertising, search engine marketing and viral online
marketing ... and why do I suddenly sound like I'm applying for a job?)
This is your opportunity to make the lesbian series you've always wanted to

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