Sunday, March 2, 2008

FYKE - Lesbian Smack Down

fyke night
The first rule of Fyke club is...well, I'm not really sure.

But Ilene Chaiken teamed up with local promoters FUSE and had the first ever FYKE NIGHT - LESBIAN TURKISH OIL WRESTLING, as seen in her popular Showtime Sappho sudser THE L WORD.

The "event" was hosted by Elizabeth Keener (aka Dawn Denbo) and Michelle Wolff.

You know what they say...a picture greases up a thousand words, so here you go, compliments of Faye Sadou.

fyke night

Elizabeth Keener

And here's the ad that's running for this now on Showtime, starring Elizabeth Keener and Ilene Chaiken.

Karey Dornetto, if you're out there...I'm getting my checkbook now to personally write you the check to produce "Hi, I'm Ilene Part II" and have it to somehow do with all this.

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