Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Behind the Scenes: Model Casting for N2N Fashion Show

As part of the SHELTER Sunset Soiree this upcoming Sunday at the Standard, we're having a Fashion Show with designer Andrew Makay of N2N.

This past week, we met up with Andrew at his downtown offices to pick the swimwear and cast the models. I had to run back to set, but our producer Elliot London got to stay and have all the fun of looking at hot boys all day.

Andrew Makay shares the photos with a model.

Here's Elliot.  You can write your own caption for this one.

Meeting with designers and staff.  

Once again it's hysterical when the gay men ask a lesbian my opinion.  I'm like... this is fashion and hot boys, what am I going to say? Nice penis, I guess, for a penis.

Although this pretty much sums up my thoughts as Andrew showed me the camo g string.

I have never used the word "naughty" so many times in a business meeting in my life!  Although when I was pitching the script of SHELTER to here! I did say things like "slow motion shots of hot surfers with glistening sweat on their firm pecs" with a photo slide show running of abercrombie models and surf music playing.  It's all a show, folks!

Elliot and Andrew going over details of the show.

More pictures of clothes I could never wear.  The new catalogue.

Once again, this is our job. LOL. Do you know how long it's been since I showed my stomach? I've been eating cake every day this month preparing to become as repugnant to women as possible at Dinah Shore next month.

Make sure to catch the show this Sunday at the Standard poolside.  Free goody bags while they last with product from N2N's new line and dvd's from the here! network. Party kicks off at 4 pm.

We also have a few surprise celebrity models in the runway show! 

I can't give you a hint as to who they are, but we have out gay movie and tv actors in this show as well.  No hints.  You have to show up and be surprised.

Cute swim wear and even cuter models aside, I was really thrilled being in the N2N offices which are in a 1920's restored building downtown. Sexy, retro, tasty.

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