Thursday, March 20, 2008

Jack, my co host, has died

For those of you loyal viewers of my vlog, I have sad news.  Jack the cat, my co host died today.

He was already full grown when I picked him up off the streets of Echo Park about ten years ago. He had been living outside my friend Joe's cottage, and had gotten the name "Jack" after the character in the Titanic because my friend thought he'd die of the elements (it rained a lot that season and the neighborhood tom cat would beat him up regularly).

He was not only my cohost, but my buddy being the only animal in my pack that I allowed to sleep next to or on me at night. Also, every single blog entry that you've read, rest assured my left elbow was resting on him as I typed it.

Jack was gentle, kind and loving.  He was such a good soul (unlike my two other cats, sired by the neighborhood Tom Cat and who I refer to as the Fucking Free Loaders).

He died of a nose bleed.  It wouldn't stop so I rushed him to the vet.  It got really bad in the 5 min car ride over there. It wouldn't stop there either and it got very bad and was also coming out of his eye.  We were able to put him down before he drowned it in, but I am now covered in blood as I type this.  It's even in my hair, as he was spitting and sneezing it on the car ride to the vet.  It was all over in about thirty minutes.   There was nothing they could do. I did go all Shirley MacLaine/Terms of Endearment on them at the vet "He is not dying on that table alone, I have to be there!" and later I had to scream for them to put him down before he drowned "Give him the fucking shot he's drowning!", and in the end he died in my arms. It was all very shocking and very sudden.

Here's some clips of Jack as my cohost in my vlog.

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Markus said...

Very saddening to read. Jack was lucky to have been taken in by you and loved you very much.