Wednesday, March 12, 2008

2008 Dinah Shore Weekend Preview - Mariah Hanson from The Dinah

Are you ready for the biggest, wildest, most fabulous lesbian vacation in the world?

Dinah Shore Weekend kicks off in Palm Springs starting April 2nd, and this year it's going to be the biggest ever, with parties, musical performances, comedy specials, guest appearances from all your favorite L WORD stars and out lesbian actors from all the LOGO and here! tv shows.

Check in with over the next few weeks as we lead up to this monumental sapphic happening, with information on where to stay, what to do, who's appearing, the best pick up lines, the best spots and parties for couples, links to local AA meetings for you sober gals, and an insider guide on Palm Springs.

Today we start the exclusive DINAH SHORE PREVIEW video series with The Dinah producer Mariah Hanson, who gives a very candid interview and outlines all the parties at her event plus some exclusive insider info on the VIP celebrity parties.

To sign up for the BE SCENE L WORD event mentioned, go to this link at Our Chart. Act out actual scenes from THE L WORD for the judges, Kate Moening, Leisha Haley and Elizabeth Keener!

To Buy tickets for Pat Benatar or any of the Dinah Events and Parties go to this link to go to

For info or submitting your Worst Dinah Shore stories for consideration for the LOGO improv event click here to go to's page.

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