Wednesday, April 28, 2010

A Good Time to be a Lesbian in SoCal

Beep-beep, ding, tweet, there it goes all day long, my inbox filling up with lesbian invites.

Club nights, bingo, comedy, dinner parties, charity events and while I keep wondering where I'm going to find the time and outfits for all this, I can't help but remember when all we had in LA for the ladies when I was in my twenties was The Palms on Santa Monica Boulevard.
(pictured left, An Evening with Women, 2009)
In those days, everyone had a Palm's story. Generally having to do with some naive, new-to-LA woman cracking open the door and cautiously entering, easing onto a bar stool in what could be described as an atmosphere akin to a biker bar someone just past the train tracks. Followed by a burly woman with her wallet chained to her belt loop leaning over with a gravelly voice saying words that would haunt you for years in your nightmares.
As I traveled around the country to film festivals with my movies, I've managed to eyeball almost every city's version of this. I'm glad we've come out of the bars and the shadowy places, so today in spreading the word of some fun lesbian events coming up, I'll list a few lesbian resources for the SoCal ladies.

next one May 22nd
If you have not discovered this yet, and you live anywhere in SoCal and are a lesbian, go immediately to Facebook and join their group. Now. LesbianAttackonFacebook.

These ladies had the brilliant idea of secretly descending on a local LA hot spot - generally a SUPER STRAIGHT ONE - with over 200 lesbians about once every other month. Sometimes the numbers have actually reached close to 500!

The next Attack will actually be planned and for Charity. Don't miss this, it's a great deal, a tax write off and a super fun time. It's Lesbian Attack Gives Back, and it's cohosted by almost everyone in town to support the LA Gay and Lesbian Center.

Sunday, May 2nd
Every year, the ladies in LA get together to hook up and donate the money to charity.

This is a fun afternoon event with things like a kissing booth, dancing, a photo booth and celeb appearances. All proceeds this year benefit JQ International.

And I admit, it's fun to see lesbians in the daylight.

This year, the event is May 2nd from 2 - 7 pm
667 South June Street,
Los Angeles, CA 90005
With tickets running $15.
Their Facebook page is here.

Saturday, May 1

This is the big, fancy black tie event for lesbians - and has been for decades! It used to be called Women's Night, but then Linda Perry took over and revamped it into an even bigger, glitzier fundraiser for the LA Gay & Lesbian Center.

This year, Heart will be there along with Gina Gershon, Rene Zelwegger, Sarah Silverman and probably some fun surprises, and certainly the entire who's who of lesbians in Los Angeles.
Perry produces the event with buddy Brent Bolthouse of LA nightlife fame, and this year my fellow vegan Shannon Del joined the mix.
Tickets are costly - but hey, that's the price to pay to be in the hip.
It'll cost ya $300 and the event is this Saturday, May 1st at the Beverly Hilton Hotel in Beverly Hills. Cocktails and Silent Auction (and penultimate sappho schmoozing) starts at 6 pm with the dinner and show kicking in around 8 pm. Get your tickets now before they sell out.

My gay boyfriends had so much fun at last year's, they all actually bought tickets this year!

Every first Wednesday of the month at the historic Improv on Melrose

Big name comics perform here every month at what has to be the best kept secret in lgbt entertainment in Hollywood.
Tickets run around $15, and that'll get you a place to sit and chilax with your buds while nibbling on some fries and kicking back a few brewskies while seriously laughing your ass off (last month I actually for the first time in my life spit out my beer). The friend I brought even told me afterwards, "I feel high from laughing so much with all those endorphins!"

This isn't an amateur or try-out stage. Almost every comic has a Showtime, HBO, Logo or Comedy Central special under their belt.

Next Wednesday night, the infamous Julie Goldman is headlining. Star of The Big Gay Sketch Show, Goldman is in town from NY for a rare LA appearance.

Check it out any first Wednesday night with comics including Andre Kelly, Poppy Champlin, Sandra Valls, Liz Feldman, Bridget McManus, Suzanne Westenhoefer, Justin Martindale, Daniel Leary, Jennie McNulty, Jason Dudey and more. The evening is usually hosted by the producer, comic/actress Erin Foley.


Didn't find anything interesting here? Well you can always check out the guru of LA lesbian nightlife, The Godfather, over at LA Box Lunch Lesbians. There, you'll not only get a great listing of all the clubs and bars, but sometimes her recaps which are honest and hysterical.

A little older and a bit conservative? Definitely check out the biggest lesbian social circle in the universe over at

And currently, there are lesbian nights at East/West, Eleven and Crown Bar on Thursday evenings.

No matter where you live, you can join hundreds (and sometimes thousands) of lesbians from around the globe at Sweet's travel events. Upcoming: a weekend in Vegas baby, and a Singles Escape for a week - May 7-14 - in the tropical paradise of Isla Mujeres. For more info, check out their web site.

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