Thursday, April 15, 2010

Melissa Etheridge - Single Again

Melissa's reps told PEOPLE magazine: "Melissa and Tammy Etheridge are saddened to announce that they are now separated."

I have to admit that a break-up that doesn't involve someone going to rehab, Angelina Jolie or Gloria Alright repping someone is getting to be good news for celebs.
The couple have been married 7 years and together a total of 9. They have two children together, and Etheridge, 48, has two from her previous relationship.
They caused quite the reaction during California's Prop 8 marriage battle, when Etheridge refused to pay her taxes until she could legally marry, which lead to some awkward interviews afterwards with Tammy where she vacillated on the issue (spawned by her family's religious views).
Tammy, 35, is formerly Tammy Lynn Michaels and was quite the show stopper on out gay show runner Ryan Murphy's (GLEE) first sit com, POPULAR.
Etheridge was previously with director Julie Cypher (who was previously with Lou Diamond Phillips), and those two set off a cliffhanger to rival Who Shot JR when they refused to release the name of their sperm donor. Rumors leaned towards Brad Pitt, but eventually came out as singer David Crosby from Crosby, Stills and Nash.
Etheridge is set to appear next Tuesday, April 20th on QVC to do a live broadcast of tracks from her new album, Fearless Love. This is her first studio album in two years.
Here's the new music video for her first single from the album, Fearless Love:


Wendy said...

Really? The tax situation had something to do with Melissa's family's religious views? What? I think you're totally mistaken on that one, JD.

The fact that they didn't marry during California's brief dance with marriage equality was the first hint that all was not well.

Here's hoping they find a happy place for themselves and their children. said...

Wendy - Melissa just made that comment about her taxes - which was widely picked up and she had to subsequently do several interviews about it where she basically said that's what she felt but she really wasn't going to not pay her taxes.

Meanwhile, she and her partner were interviewed because they were married (not officially) with a family and during those interviews Tammy Lynn didn't really back marriage equality because HER family is very religious. She stated that she understood how they felt and didn't feel homosexuals should push this on people who feel religiously about marriage.

This was certainly awkward.