Sunday, April 18, 2010

New relaxed, and fun GLAAD Media Awards in Los Angeles, with new ED

When you have outspoken and quick-witted women like Wanda Sykes and Drew Barrymore accepting pretty much know you're going to have a fun night.

Throw in two highly attractive and talented hosts (Wilson Cruz and Candis Cayne), the cast of GLEE and a handful of little puppies from the pound... mix in the appropriate amount of free flowing Absolut, stir gently with 800 gay men in black suits and tuxes... and you have the GLAAD 2010 Media Awards in Los Angeles.

tracey reyerson glaadOne reason I love these events is because after kissing the air next to about 58 men's cheeks, I feel like I got a free microdermabrasion. Love that stubble, not used to it being all lesbian, and appreciate saving $150 on a facial. Plus I admit, I never tire of the lies gay men always say like, "You look spectacular", when I am clearly wearing the exact same outfit I did at the last two black tie events in the gay world.

Thank god this year they switched the venue to a far less ostentatious location. No more Nokia Center or Kodak Theatre, it's back to the ole LGBT staple of the Century City Hyatt Regency - and believe me, the crowd was happy about that. It has a friendly little layout and plenty of room to fit the different cocktail receptions, red carpet, dinner, dance party, silent auction and what not. The auditorium is huge and the acoustics and production quality was all perfect.

Drew Barrymore has for sure the best tribute reel I've seen in a while - her company put it together and it started with the blonde actress/producer looking in the camera sincerely asking why the gays like her. Smash cut to every single gay moment in film she's been in or produced including clips from Boys on the Side, Grey Gardens, Charlie's Angels and ending with ET in drag! Big laugh. Then it had a great bit about all the lawyers, staff, hairdressers, agents and managers in her life that are gay. She might know more gay men than me. Then she ended the reel with Faye Dunaway doing her acceptance speech in Mommie Dearest. Brills.

On stage, she was lovely and charming, and my favorite part of her schpeel was when she said regarding gay marriage and adoption, "When are people going to learn that we have to take care of each other. We have to love each other. And we have to let people do that."

GLEE won for best comedy on television and Ryan Murphy accepted the award. He applauded out stars Jane Lynch and Chris Colfer. "Jane has used her fame to publicly talk about her engagement...Jane where are you registered?" Jane leaned over and said NCLR (so if you want to make a donation in Jane's name, please go to their web site where you can also see a cute video from Jane and her fiance. Of course, after about two beats, she leaned back in and said, "Um, er and GLAAD. GLAAD too."

Ryan Murphy showered Colfer with praise for coming out at his early age and during the height of his network show's popularity unlike some people that come out later at the age of 40 (big slam to you, Sean Hayes).

Wanda Sykes was also fantastic on stage.

She accepted the award from MississippiPromgate star Constance McMillen. "Really, I should give you this award," Sykes said to McMillen, "But I'm not going to because I want it."

Sykes went on to applaud the young woman for standing up for her rights before, during and after the Prom controversy. "Don't worry, you'll be winning enough of your own awards."
Sykes went on to thank all her show's producers, Rupert Murdoch (I think he let's me do my show, and has GLEE on the air just to cover his bases on getting into heaven after all that Fox News garbage. Hey, I would cover my ass too!), and her assistant. She looked out at her assistant and threatened to kill her if she ever left her. "I'm serious. And don't point to your husband, I ain't scared of him!"

Then she did a call back to bitch-slap Ryan Murphy for his coming out at 40 comment and said, "You think it's so easy to come out at 40? Talk to my mother. She'll tell you it's not easy!"

They had the cutest little puppies from the West LA Animal Shelter at the silent auction table at the pre party. BIG FUCKING HIT.

glaad 2010
I managed to pull myself away from the puppies long enough to catch up with some folks include Adam Bouska and Jeff Parshley from the No on H8 campaign (they had just been at Gene Simmon's house to do his photo!), and I also met Constance McMillen who was really excited about possibly attending UCLA and moving to our fair city.

I also ran into my table mates from last year's awards show, and tons of folks I met at the NY GLAAD awards! Great fun.

Probably the best part of the evening was crashing the teen party that was happening in a big tent outside the main auditorium near the smoking lounge.
glaad awards 2010It really touched a lot of us to see all the high school and college students having their own party (I haven't seen that much dance floor action since the Sweet cruise!). They got to watch the show on monitors, and some of the stars came up to make an appearance. It made the rest of us all talk about how nice it would have been to come out in high school or college. We debated whether it was easier to do so now (I don't think it's ever THAT easy). We also remembered how as kids, we had no gay role models (other than, duly noted by all, Paul Lynde).

glaad century hyatThe show ended with Adam Lambert coming out looking quite fabulous with his big blue-back hair and dark-as-sin-at-night eyeliner.

I've never heard him sing or seen him perform, and I was surprised at the late 1980's glam rock vibe to it all (surprised because I haven't seen that shit since I was 19!). I'm a little bummed his music isn't as catchy as Lady Gaga's, but his energy and showmanship was absolutely fantastic.

Photos from the show and red carpet are from our LGBT photo event god, Brian Putnam. Check out all his celeb work at Putnam Photo.

Of course, I took all the puppy photos.

See all you bitches at the next big gay event - which by my calendar is An Evening With Women.

Here's the rest of the photos:
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Ben said...

Funny you say that cos Lady Gaga wrote "Fever", the 2nd song Adam performed. Everyone looked amazing.

Melly said...

Great report, wish I could have been there! While coming out is a personal journey, and it's admirable however old you are, it really is terrific to see a young girl like Constance McMillen courageously standing up for what's right. Or young entertainers like Chris Colfer and Adam Lambert take what is undoubtedly still a risk career-wise in order to be true to themselves. It gives me a lot of hope for the future.

I did laugh a little when you said that Lamberts songs weren't as catchy as Lady Gaga's. It is true that Gaga's pop tunes are like musical crack, I seriously cannot get enough of them. But I caught a video of the GLAAD performance and that second song that he sang, Fever, was actually written by Gaga. She came into the studio when he recorded it to help produce it. Now it's no Bad Romance, but I still think it's hella catchy, if in more of a Scissor Sisters kinda vibe.

Glad you had such a good time!

Anonymous said...

I am laughing so hard right now, Adam's performed a song last night written and produced by Lady Gaga "Fever" and you don't think his music is as catch as her's. VERY hilarious!

Anonymous said...

"I'm a little bummed his music isn't as catchy as Lady Gaga's.."
FYI the 2nd song Adam Lambert sang was 'Fever' from his album 'For Your Entertainment' and it was written by Lady Gaga. I personally find his music very catchy and love his debut album and his amazing, beautiful voice. said...

LOL...oh gosh, that's how much I know about contemporary music! Thanks for the info/update on Lady Gaga writing Fever! Even though she wrote it, however, it still didn't really have that catchy feel like her recent hits - which are played now everywhere!

Just wish he could get a big hit like that...

redbarahime said...

I'm sorry I'll be random, but I couldn't find another way to contact you. You had a youtube account. I've left a question there concerning the video you uploaded. Please, pleeease answer.