Tuesday, April 20, 2010

As the Gay Turns - Point, Sketch, Choi and Glee

The gay video of the week, below, is tied to the big gay news story of today - Dan Choi returned to the White House today with five other military members to handcuff themselves to the gates AGAIN.

Meanwhile, the police did NOT want anyone to video tape this including CBS news, CNN and so on, as you can see and hear in this clip:

This rally takes place just a day after members of GetEqual heckled the president as he spoke at a political fundraiser for Barbara Boxer. Obama actually acknowledged the hecklers as they chanted, "What about Don't Ask, Don't Tell." He reassured them, "That Barbara did not vote for Don't Ask, Don't Tell!" then followed by, "You want to come up here?"

Both these incidents are receiving the intended news coverage nationally. GetEqual.org is behind both.

Those not familiar, this is a fairly new organization started and run by grassroots activists. They are the antithesis of big organizations like HRC - the later coming into criticism a lot of late for hobnobbing with the White House instead of pressuring. In fact, HRC and GetEqual are constantly at odds and not afraid to publicly bash one another.

If you ever saw Network, GetEqual.org is channelling that whole, "I'm mad as hell and I'm not going to take it any more spirit."

In other gay news - the big Madonna episode of GLEE is on this evening, with the Sue Sylvester VOGUE video being a big highlight. GLEE recently won the GLAAD Award for best comedy show and at that ceremony, creator Ryan Murphy lauded out cast members Jane Lynch and Chris Colfer.

Also on tonight at 10 pm on LOGO is episode 2 of The Big Gay Sketch Show.

Even though the show was taped well over a year ago (LOGO - get your act together) tonight's show has a Glenn Close sketch by Dennis Hensley that comes the day after the last episode (perhaps EVER) of Damages aired.

I know you'll be watching Lost and Glee, but you can either TIVO it or even better, buy the entire season on Itunes.

Monday night, my favorite non profit POINT FOUNDATION had their awards show in New York City and they raised an astounding $600,000. The event honored David Mixner and as per usual, had a big star turn out including Alan Cumming, Jane Krakowski, Andy Cohen and Susan Sarandon.

Here's Sarandon flocked by some Point Scholars (can you blame them for flocking?). Every time I see this woman TO THIS DAY, all I can hear is, "Are you trying to seduce me Mrs. Blaylock?" (Please, call me Miriam).

If you're around this week in Los Angeles, come on down to TheSmokingCocktail.com's monthly LGBT mixer for professionals, artists and activists:

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Joana said...

Actually the line is "Are you making a pass at me Mrs Blaylock?
One of my fav movies EVER!

Love yous posts
cheers from Brazil