Sunday, April 4, 2010

Watch Video: Dinah Shore 2010, Saturday Night Hollywood Party with Salt n Pepa

SAturday night rocked the house at The Dinah in Palm Springs as thousands of lesbian descended on the Palm Beach Convention Center for a series of parties, events and concerts.

First up was The Kathy & Mo Show, with Kathy Nijimy and Mo Gaffney, followed by the Hollywood Red Carpet, with all your favorite celesbians including God-Des and She, Erin Foley, Nicol Paone, Sandra Valls and Bridget McManus, to name a few. Then it was the VIP party, followed by the Salt n Pepa Concert. After that it was the infamous lesbian fashion show.

It's all in here in this video, including interviews with Meredith Baxter, Mo Gaffney, Thea Gill and Elizabeth Keener

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citizen spot said...

Thanks so much JD & Michelle for making these quality videos. Nice interviews. Keener is a hoot!