Monday, February 16, 2009

It's raining, it's pouring

Chances are, wherever you are, it's cold or it's raining or both.

Which coincides PERFECTLY with the release of several really great LGBT feature films on dvd. So cozy up with that someone special, or get your cocktail clutch together, light a fire and check out these little gems.

SAVE ME stars Chad Allen, Robert Gant and Judith Light and premiered at The Sundance Film Festival a few years back as well as being the Opening Night Gala film at OUTFEST: The Los Angeles Gay and Lesbian Film Festival.

Allen plays a hopeless drug addict and homosexual, whose only hope at sobriety lands him at a Christian rehabilitation center where his strongest advocate is a conservative counselor played by Light.

Will he give up drugs? Will he give up homosexuality? Or will he fall in love with the beefcake recovering addict played by Robert Gant?

The film deals with the hot-bed subject matter of conservative Christianity and homosexuality, as well as drug addiction in the lgbt community.

OUT AT THE WEDDING is about a woman engaged to an African American man, who is so scared to announce her situation to her father that she somehow accidently comes out as a lesbian at her sister's wedding, then has to continue the ruse to save face with her family.

So when she hires a real life lesbian to pose as her girlfriend, her sister starts to take an unusually high interest in her love life and "lifestyle".

Directed by Lee Friendlander who created Exes and Ohs on LOGO.

XXY is an emotionally moving and raw film about parents dealing with an intersex teenager.

As he/she turns 15, Alex has to come to terms with the development of her body as she was born with both sex organs.  Her parents being progressive, they did not make a decision at birth for her, but now as her sexual awakening arises, she has to decide... be a boy, be a girl, or maybe not make a decision at all.

The film is nominated for a Glaad Award this season.

This is a feature film sequel to the popular LOGO tv show NOAH'S ARC, that has been described as "Sex and the City' for African American men.

This film finds our lovable crew taking a weekend in the Hampton's for Noah's wedding.

A gay college student spends the summer with his hunky room mate's family and gets WAY more than he bargained for when he really, really hits it off with the dad in MULLIGANS.

Charlie David stars in and produces his feature film debut.  

David can be seen in here! tv's soapy gothic drama, Dante's Cove and has also starred in Casper Andreas's A FOUR LETTER WORD.

The film also stars Thea Gill from Queer As Folk.

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Peter said...

Oh, finally. I've been waiting for Save Me to be released. Anyone got any ideas if it's released in the UK yet, too? We always have to wait forever for the bad films, and even longer for the good ones :( . And my DVD player isn't set up for R1 discs. I might just have to invest in a multi-region player!