Monday, February 16, 2009

Holy Birkenstocks, Batwoman is Gay!!!

Batwoman being a lesbian isn't really news, but the return of Batwoman as the star of her own 12 issue arc is.

Kathy Kane is her day time alter ego and the comic series revealed her secret lesbian status through an affair with out female police detective Renee Montoya in 2006.

In November, 2008 the comic series killed off Batman and this June will be reintroducing Kathy Kane/Batwoman as his replacement for a 12 month serial.  

She is being billed as a "Lesbian socialite by night and a crime fighter by later in the night."

Holy Lipstick lesbian!

So Batwoman is our new celesbian.  I wonder how long before she gets her own vlog?

What's funny is when this character was first introduced in 1956, it was as a love interest for Batman to squelch the rumours that he was gay.  You know, rich older guy hanging out in a mansion with a younger man - people will talk.  So Batwoman was originally his beard.

Don Didio, the executive director of DC comics notes she is open about her sexuality with her friends, but has not come out to her family.

This is the first time ever a gay character is the star of a superhero comic.  


TheWeyrd1 said...

I'm looking forward to being a comic geek...heh.

Daniel Frank said...

I am about to make myself seem like a big comic geek here, which is not entirely the case.

In previous comic books there have been gay superheroes, but I believe your right, this is the first time there is an LGBT star of a comic book.

Unfortunately, after a superhero is outed, they usually don't last long, which was One of the inspirations for Perry Moore to write his novel, Hero. Last I heard Hero is being turned into a television series for Showtime.

It will be interesting to see what happens with Batwoman now.