Friday, February 6, 2009

Gay Professionals are HOT!!

Hello Kittens,

I recently joined the board of the Los Angeles Gay and Lesbian Chamber of Commerce. 

Pictured: Chamber members fighting the rain to get to a networking mixer.  

My reasoning was because after Prop 8 (or YES ON PROP 8 to be more exact), I felt it was time to energize the gay mafia and put one's money where one's community is.

The Chamber's goals are to energize, promote and help LGBT businesses and business professionals in the SoCal area through workshops, seminars, an interactive web site, promotion, community partnerships and networking opportunities.

If you're a Chamber Member, you get a listing on our web site, but also we look to connect our members to other listings, including Frontiers Gay Yellow Pages and we just made a deal to also have members included in the new nationwide, city-to-city guide   

Maureen Steinberg heads up our women's professional caucus - which includes activities for the ladies such as lunches, dinners and educational functions. Kirkland Tibbels heads up the caucus for young up-and-coming entrepreneurs with special programs, guest speakers and opportunities for young LGBT folks looking to get ahead in business.

I am heading up the Community Outreach Committee which seeks to connect local non profits and activist coalitions with lgbt business owners, sponsors and gay professionals in hopes of all of us reaching out, connecting and finding away to help each other both achieve our equal rights, take care of our community and excel professionally.

pictured: Tanner Effinger who started the Postcards To the President Campaign.

Meanwhile, we had a rocking mixer last night at O Bar! In addition to some kick-ass mingling, we also joined in with Postcards To the President, to write letters to Obama letting him know what we want, think and feel and urging him to repeal DOMA. Thanks Ed for spearheading this awesome drive!

Here are the photos.

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