Monday, February 16, 2009

24 has a new lesbian President

Out actress Cherry Jones is the new president on the series 24.

So while we didn't get a woman in the white house, in Hollywoodland we now have an out-lesbian in prime time. Which is pretty cool.

Jones has been dating fellow out actress Sarah Paulson - whom she thanked when she accepted the Tony Award for her performance in Doubt (the role went to Streep in the feature). Jones even leaned over and kissed her date before taking the stage - in front of 6 million viewers (see video below).

The pair are what you would call New York theatre heavyweights.

Jones studied at Carnegie Mellon then at The American Repertory Theatre in Cambridge. Paulson is a graduate of the School of the Performing Arts and The American Academy of Dramatic Arts. Paulson started on Broadway as a child actor.

Jones made her first Broadway splash in Angels in America playing the Angel. While Jones starred in Doubt, Paulson was in Tennessee William's The Glass Menagerie. Jones won a second Tony Award for her role in The Heiress.

Jones has also starred in several feature films, but is less known in the film world. Her credits include Ocean's Twelve, Erin Brockovich, The Village and The Perfect Storm.

Paulson got a Golden Globe nom a few years back as a regular on the short-lived (for a good reason) Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip and can be seen currently as one of the love interests in the comic book feature, The Spirit.

Jones is also - as can been seen here - a cougar. Rarrrwwwrr.

Here's a video of her sapphic kiss on the Tony's which goes to show... New York Theatre is not just about the gay boys!

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