Monday, January 5, 2009

Season Premieres This Month - Trailers and Dates

January 7th
Fx Network

Hell hath no fury like, well, um Glenn Close.  

Take the rage from her character in FATAL ATTRACTION and mix it with whopping dose of her role in DANGEROUS LIAISONS, put it in a metal shaker full of ice, strain into a sleek, chilled martini glass and you have the part she's currently chomping her formidable teeth into on the new FX hit, DAMAGES.

Close's BIG CHILL costar William Hurt joins the cast this year. Get ready for short-attention-span theatre, when this high octane, we-aim-to-shock-you, lawyer soap opera returns to FX on January 7th.

Also joining the cast is hottie Timothy Olyphant - who gay film fans will remember from BROKEN HEARTS CLUB and good script fans will remember from DEADWOOD.  And also some big action sci fi film from last year, but the name escapes me.

You don't really need a recap if you didn't catch the first season, just realize everyone is a snake in the grass and there will be blood.

(pictured, Close and Hurt in the old days)

Here's the trailer for this season:

Season 6
January 6
FX Networks

As we left our dynamic plastic surgeon duo last year, Sharon Gless had just gone on the attack.

This show from openly gay creator/writer/director Ryan Murphy is also full of shocks, twists and provocative storylines.

Will they up the ante even more this year?  So far they've gone from the sublime to the absurd, and certainly for the sexually provocative.  

Boob jobs, Scientology, Serial Killers and Wacky agents....really, just fun for the entire family.

Here's the trailer for the new season:

January 21

Oh god, I'm going to need someone to remind me where the hell we were in the labyrinth of this storyline.

Thank god for the

And if you haven't found this yet, the Lostpedia.  Which is handy when you don't have a 16 year old around to explain what the hell is going on.  That site does a synopsis of each episode with little highlighted links, so when you think, "wait, haven't I see that guy before" or "what's the hatch for"  you just click on that link and it'll explain that to you. 

This show has a lot to pull-off this season- especially since the other once-popular sci fi series, HEROES took a belly flop this year.

Will show creator JJ Abrams pull it off when the kids return to the island?  Or is he too busy on the new STAR TREK movie to really oversee his show this year (let's not forget what a nose dive NIP/TUCK took when Ryan Murphy took off time to direct RUNNING WITH SCISSORS).

The big question is will they be able to find the island again? I mean, I know how frustrating it is when I can't find my car keys.

Also, since we've already flashed back and flashed forwarded, what are we going to flash to this year?  Another tv show?  Maybe cut back and forth between the island and old reruns of the GOLDEN GIRLS?

Speaking of, don't think I didn't notice that out-gay-Exec Producer Marc Cherry stole this flash forward devise for this season of DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES.  Tacky.

Here's the trailer.

I don't really watch a lot of episodic television, but I will admit the following show is my favorite.

Sci Fi
January 16

Not since Charlton Heston fell to the ground and damned them all to hell, has there been such a scene as the last shot of BG last year.

Home are the wanderers from the sky, who finally found their lost tribe - our planet Earth. The excitement waned when what they found looked like the result of a McCain/Palin presidency.

This season is called 4.5 and will be the final ten episodes of the show. So we'll finally find out who the last cylon is (any guesses?). Plus, will the cylons and the humans coexist?

If you don't watch this show, it is surprisingly well written, beautifully shot and has really well developed and intriguing characters and story-lines, with themes that dance with all the tasty morsels of humanity like religion, government, purpose, war and redemption. Tasty, tasty stuff and beautifully done, with world music as a soundtrack and thinly veiled analogies to current conditions in the world (occupations, religious wars).

Plus hot guys and girls in space suits. And kick-ass performances from acting vets Mary McDonnell (Dances with Kevin Costner's,  mean Wolves) and Edward James Olmos (Stand and Deliver).

Here's the Battlestar trailer

And once again here's the poster for last year - it supposedly teased the upcoming episodes, but I just got a kick out of the last supper bit.

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