Friday, January 2, 2009

Rick Warren Comes to West Hollywood

Hello darlings, and Happy New Year!

As many of you here in SoCal have already heard, Pastor Rick Warren paid a visit to one of our local gay 'hoods last week to do some shopping at the non-profit OUT OF THE CLOSET - the thrift store that donates to HIV/Aids patients through AIDS Healthcare Foundation. This was clearly a response to all the negative backlash Warren got when Obama asked him to the inauguration to do the invocation.

Out of the controversy? Of course not. To quote Shakespeare, "I think she doth protest too much."

Warren runs the massive Saddleback Church in Orange County and has had national success with his self help books. He was also one of the most visible and adamant backers of YES ON PROP 8.

In response to the protests and news coverage painting him as a bigot, Warren took to his web site's vlog and taped a 22 minute diatribe about what a great guy he is, how he loves gay and most notably how he has never compared gay marriage to pedophilia. This revived the national news coverage of this story in a big way (what an idiot) because everyone had ON TAPE Warren's previous gay bashing statements.

Here's a glimpse of his visit including a clip of some of his offense attacks on LGBT people, and the insights from the manager of "world's most fabulous thrift store" - Out of The Closet - about the impromptu visit:

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