Friday, January 9, 2009

Palm Springs Film Festival in Full Swing

Like any of you gays within 200 miles of Palm Springs need an excuse to go there, but Palm Springs IS the place for the next 10 days for one of my favorite film festivals in the world.

For info:

If you head out, might I recommend getting a ticket for JOLENE by Dan Ireland, LEAVING BARSTOW by Peter Paige (Queer as Folk), and Showgirls by C Fitz.

Here's some photos from their fantabulous opening night gala.

Anne Hathaway.  Dear god, that smile, that skin. And she has a gay brother and is all for gay rights.  She's so beautiful it hurts to look at her.  Anne....I fucking hate you for being so beautiful!  Do you hear me?  Hate you.  Call me.  Maddow if you're reading this, she means nothing to me, you're still my number one!!!

Gay men.  Dan Jinks producer of American Beauty and Milk, with writer and Exec Producer Dustin Lance Black.

Sean Penn.  From MILK and formerly of Madonna.  Pussycat, regarding Shanghai Surprise, all is forgiven.

The lesbians represent:  Fitz (Showgirls), Mariah Hanson and Deb Schneider.

Ron Howard (Opie/Richie) and Frank Langella from Frost/Nixon.  I saw Dracula on Broadway with Langela!

Dustin Hoffman.  Love him. Isn't Tootsie just one of the best movies EVER!

Ben Stiller.  I enjoyed Tropic Thunder, but she's had too much plastic surgery me thinks.

Leo.  He still looks 12.  If you didn't catch him playing gay (in the nude no less) check out the biopic of Arthur Rimbaud, TOTAL ECLIPSE.

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Anonymous said...

is "JOLENE" really that good?