Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Prayers for Bobby

Tivo alert my friends. Sigourney Weaver stars in a new Lifetime movie about a mother coming to terms with her gay son and his suicide. I think I might be PMSing because I cried during the following trailer. (be forewarned, I think they show the entire movie in this short preview).

The film is based on a critically acclaimed 1995 non fiction book of the same name by Leroy Aaron. Set in the 1970's, Weaver plays a strict Christian who will not accept her teenage son when he discovers he might be gay.

It premieres on Lifetime on January 24. So set your tivoes!


Anonymous said...

Oh, gawd, poor Sig. That's what she's reduced to now? Cheesy Lifetime movies of the week.

Anonymous said...

The book this movie is based on is a must read. The author, Leroy Aarons, was an extraordinary writer...and so was Bobby. Aarons used entries from Bobby's diaries to tell the story of this sad young man.

Daniel Frank said...

JD, If you are PMSing then I must be as well.