Friday, December 19, 2008

On The Bright Side

Although the announcement by Obama that pastor Rick Warren will speak at the inauguration ceremonies sent shockwaves through the LGBT and liberal communities of this country, on the bright side... this shock and dismay was widely covered in the media over the last two days. Pastor Rick Warren's harmful, hateful and divisive rhetoric was played on all the national and cable news outlets, as well as on local SoCal evening news shows.

This is surely a sign that our voices and concerns are being heard. Rick Warren likes to lecture that we are just 2% of the population, therefore our rights and civil liberties don't matter, but with all this coverage - and the tone of the coverage - it's clear we do matter to a large part of the population who understand separate is not equal.

Please help me in continuing our visibility by taking part in a candlelight vigil in your neighborhood this Saturday evening.

There is information on how to get involved at

I'll be attending the vigil locally here in the Valley at Laurel Canyon and Venture between 5 - 9 pm. There will also be a vigil at the hugely popular Hollywood and Highlands at the same time. The LOGO network will be covering these vigils all across the country. Show up and be heard. The news will cover this as well, and it's important we have the numbers.

I urge you to take even a 30 minute pitstop on the way to holiday parties and participate. It's also a great thing to bring your straight friends to.

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