Monday, December 8, 2008

Ira Glass, Ira Glass, Oh My God Ira Glass

That title was a nod to A CHORUS LINE, if you didn't catch it.

Anyway, last Friday night I attended the Independent Documentary Association (IDA) Awards Night at the Directors Guild. Fabulous event.

The top ten reasons why the IDA Awards rocked:

5. I ran into a bunch of really cool documentary film makers

4. At this event, the fans and paparazzi treat Werner Herzog like it was Britany Spears. No Lie. So great to see.

3. I found out at the former executive director of FRAMELINE: The San Francisco Gay and Lesbian Film Festival - Michael Lumpkin - has moved to LA and is the IDA's new Executive Director

2. I met Ira Glass

1. Did I mention I met Ira Glass?

Here are the photos, compliments of Brian Putnam of Putnam Photography.

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