Saturday, December 20, 2008

It's Saturday, Do you Know Where Your Rights Are?

It's Saturday. Do you know where your rights are?

In yesterday's episode of "Idiots That Want to Fucking Take Your Rights Away", the Yes on Prop 8 people in California filed paperwork to overturn the 18,000 gay marriages that occurred this past year, and - to put the cherry on top -hired attorney Ken Starr to lead the charge as their lead attorney.

You might remember Ken Starr as the overzealous prosecutor the Republicans backed to try at- all-costs to remove Bill Clinton from the Presidency. W hat's the difference between a pit bull and Kenneth Starr? One is a homophobe and probably a big ole closet case.

Today is Saturday, and tonight there will be candlelight vigils across the country starting at 5 pm. I encourage you to take time out from whatever you are doing (fighting with relatives, drinking yourself silly, fighting over a sale item at Barney's or Macy's, you know...whatever) to come out for a bit and let our numbers been seen.

You can find out what's going on in your town at

In Los Angeles, the vigils will happen at Hollywood/Highland and in the Valley at Laurel Canyon and Ventura.

This past week, Obama selected hate-monger Rick Warren from the Saddleback Church in Orange County to speak at the inauguration. This really pissed off LBGT people and pretty much anyone with a brain in their head.

The good news is it's been the furor over this request has been covered on every major news outlet all week including CNN, NBC news, ABC, CBS and MSNBC. Which means you could turn on the news and see the lovely comments this Warren piece-of-shit has been spouting to his "flock". Things like likening homosexuality to pedaphelia, incest and polygamy. Classy, huh?

But on the bright side, at least everyone is getting to see what a bigot this guy really is.

Also, as pointed out in the Rachel Maddow (sigh) Show on Friday, if you go to the Saddleback web site, it's clearly noted that homosexuals are NOT welcome.

Pundits figure Obama is NOT recalling this horrifying mistake because he's more scared of THEM then he is of US. And by "us" I mean, once again, anyone with a brain in their head.

Just as a general note, Obama is doing this probably to court the Evangelicals.  Important to note:  There are other Pastors he could have invited, and not all Evangelicals share these highly bigoted, divisive opinions on LGBT citizens.

Another thing to note is most of Warren's rhetoric can be read nearly word-for-word in the official credos written by the Nazi party against homosexuality in 1930's Germany.  I mean, seriously, word-for-word.

So these protests and vigils are profoundly important. It shows our numbers, keeps our feelings in the news across the U.S. and continues the dialogue about our rights.

The Viacom-run LGBT cable channel LOGO will be covering the vigils all over the country tonight.  Show up and express your opinions if interviewed!

Once again, please take time away from your evening to stop by with friends at any of the vigils. It matters.

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TheWeyrd1 said...

Melissa Etheridge might have a slightly different take on Rick Warren now...or at least her wife does...after Melissa met with him. Tammy Lynn blogged about it.