Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Get Involved: Post Prop 8

A message from the Young Stonewall Dems and the Jordan/Rustin Coalition:

Stonewall Young Democrats

A message from California Young Democrats:

Young Democrats Wanted!
An exciting and rewarding campaign year has ended.  We, as young democrats, have been instrumental in the election of President-elect Barak Obama, numerous congressional races, and noticeable gains the state legislature.  Most of all, by bringing new ideas and a true hope for positive change to the forefront, we have reenergized our Party.  Now is your opportunity to become a part of the party leadership and direct the future of Democrats in California.
On January 10th and 11th Delegates to the State Democratic Central Committee will be elected from each of the 80 Assembly Districts throughout the state. Delegates attend the State Convention and participate in forming the direction of our State Party, electing the officers of the party, and endorsing candidates for office. Not to mention, there are a lot of great hospitality suites at the convention to network with democrats from around the state.  For more information about the delegate elections click here.

CYD is conducting an organized effort to elect young democrats to the state party.  Our goal is that Young Democrats represent 15% of our party. 
On December 14th at 11am, CYD will be hosting a web training for members of the California Young Democrats giving an overview of the Democratic Party, an introduction to the delegate selection process, and an overview of Executive Board and Delegate responsibilities.  Crystal Strait, Political Director of the California Democratic Party will join us online to help answer your questions.  We will also be hosting web trainings on Tuesday, December 16th at 6pm and Wednesday, December 17th at 8pm with Crystal Strait but these will be open to all Democrats in California.   

If you are interested in running, please sign-up with us online and we will provide you with all of the necessary information and assistance to help you win!!!  The California Democratic Party deadline to submit an application to run is noon on December 31, 2008.   Here is the application.

All young democrats who submit their information will be enrolled in our web training and receive weekly campaign tips on how to run a successful delegate campaign. Assistance in filling out forms and navigating the red tape will also be available.

As always, feel free to contact me at Ncaston@YoungDems.org or call me at 707-291-3470 with any questions.

Nick Caston

California Young Democrats 

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