Monday, December 8, 2008

El Coyote Manager Steps Down

In lgbt boycott news, the manager of trendy, Hollywood staple EL COYOTE restaurant has just stepped down from her position with the family owned business after massive pressure from local LGBT rights advocates.

The 77 year old family owned restaurant is the frequent stomping grounds for local residents who were shocked to hear that manager Marjorie Christoffersen had donated $100 to YES ON PROP 8.  A large majority of their clientele is either LGBT or liberal minded.  A boycott ensued immediately following this disclosure which motivated a press conference where Christoffersen explained her donation was due to her faith and membership in the Mormon Church.  The refusal to apologize or make an equivalent donation to a LGBT rights org at this press conference, motivated all their regular customers to dine and drink elsewhere.

El Coyote has been operating on Beverly Boulevard in Los Angeles for 77 years and sits in a residential area near the largely gay West Hollywood.  Many of the houses in the surrounding blocks are owned by LGBT folks, who have made the restaurant their neighborhood staple hang out.  It's a family owned business run by matriarch Grace Salisbury.  Marjorie, her daughter, is the only Mormon in the family.

Local residents were shocked that part of the money they spend every week at the restaurant was going to an organization hell-bent (excuse the expression, but only slightly) on taking away the civil liberties of an oppressed minority.  The boycott wasn't so much meant to punish the establishment as it was simply just a very large group of regular customers who felt betrayed and simply chose to eat and drink elsewhere.

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