Saturday, January 5, 2008

You say Caucus, I say Another Martini Please

Obama wins in Iowa. Does anyone need any more proof that Oprah is the most powerful woman in America?

Huckabee - the man who wrote "homosexual activism has fragmented and polarized our communities" and described said gay activists as "fanatically twisted fringes of American culture" in his 1998 book (okay, I've been called worse) - also won.

Iowa also showed that a large majority of the Evangelicals and Born Agains can come out to vote. What will it take to get all the gays to vote?

What will it take for anyone to vote?

My sincerest wish for 2008 is for all the media magnets - those people all over the papers, news, magazines and television (Paris, Lindsay, Britney, Posh) - to find a way to the conventions. Could you maybe misbehave around the candidates over the next few months? Please. Fall off the wagon at a Hillary speech, or in the parking lot at Huckabee's headquarters. Show your cooch on Edward's campaign plane. Anything to bring attention to this political race so people can actually learn - even if it's by proxy - about that which will matter the most for this country.

FYI, this is where IOWA is on the map:

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