Thursday, January 31, 2008

Ilene Chaiken takes on Girl Bar's Sandy Sachs on The L Word

Will wonders ever cease? I guess if you live long enough...

Ilene Chaiken does nods to famous and infamous real lesbians in her show - that's no secret.Well, maybe it's  a secret, so if you don't know yet... Chaiken draws on her own real life experiences to create her characters.  Something that's an even bigger "no secret" is who her new character Dawn Denbo is based on, none other than famed LA Girl Promoter Sandy Sachs.

Sach's, along with partner Robin Gans, have been ruling the Sapphos night scene in Los Angeles for about twenty years now with their GIRL BAR brand.   

Actress Elizabeth Keener, (who also starred in Liz Lachman's hysterical lesbian short, GETTING TO KNOW YOU, and is the sister of Catherine Keener, both pictured here flanking director Lachman) nails the Sandy Sach's impersonation to a TEEEEEEEE with hand gestures and even the voice, as you can see from this sneak peak scene to next week's episode below. It's a flashback to fifteen years ago and Chaiken's version of what might happen behind closed VIP room doors:

Back in the day, Sachs had quite the reputation for crushing any competing lesbian promoter, and although a scene like this is a little over the top, her behind the scenes business tactics were as such.  Sachs was one of the subjects of a documentary called POWER LESBIANS, which aired last year on the LOGO network, where she even discussed her rise to success and admitted, "I crush my competition".  

Things have mellowed lately and now there are several really fantastic promoters producing a variety of nights for the ladies here in LA. But back in the day... I swear, it was like watching a lesbian sequel to The Goodfather watching all the promoters conspire and vie for the lesbian nitelife crowd. Some casualties were Stephenie with Fuel, and Joanni Weir with CLUB BANSHEE (which I always enjoyed and can still remember spotting a younger Ellen and others in the crowd some nights).

In honor of Chaiken's portrayal of Sachs, I thought I'd share with you another hysterical parody, if you will, made by television writer and stand up comedian Karey Dornetto, called "Hi, I'm Ilene" where she spoofs, well, Ilene Chaiken.

I guess if you're a famous lesbian, you are bound to be lampooned by other famous lesbians.

I still can't see Ilene in person or on tv without chuckling and thinking of this video! I don't know why, but this just cracks me up so much, I never tire of watching it.

If you have a good eye, you'll also notice stand up Erin Foley in this, as well as former VP of the now defunct Q Network Alexis Fish.
And in honor of all the lesbian promoters in WeHo, here's a list of 'em.
Tuesday Nights - EVELEN Niteclub - Fuse Events
Thursday Nights - East/West - Shannon K
Friday Nights - Truck Stop, Here Lounge, Fuse Events
Friday Nights - O Bar, Shannon k
Friday Nights - Girl Bar, The Factory
Sunday Nights - The L Word Screening - Falcon, Fuse Events

And here's the latest Dinah Shore event by Sandy Sachs called - ironically enough - SHE BAR (after the club in this season's THE L WORD)

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