Friday, January 18, 2008

Glaad Reception at Queer Lounge

A little update from my previous post. I am no longer afraid of driving the Vespa Plus on the icy roads. In fact, I figured out it was much like hydroplaning back in Miami during a flood. I even did a few little spins and slides in the parking lot here...totally COOL!

Sundance is sensational. For anyone who loves film, this is the place to be. I've already met some wonderful, creative people, overheard some crazy conversations (that remind me why I don't work at an agency or studio, aside from enjoying my soul being in my head as opposed to on a shelf in hell), and talked film with tons of folks.

I'm going to give you more of an update later and write pithy comments for these photos, but I have to dash now to the Heineken Green Room to crash the OUTFEST party.
A room at The Queer Lounge where people can relax, watch trailers for gay films and catch up on their reading of the Sundance festival program.

This is the Absolut room at The Queer Lounge. It was sooooo the Fortress of Solitude.

Me and Anne Stockwell, editor in chief of the most read gay mag, THE ADVOCATE.

Here's Chris Hulen with Jess and Melyssa, the twins. Hulen was the Associate Producer on my film SHELTER, and has also produced and directed several of her own LGBT shorts in addition to being the Production Designer on several great projects including Angela Robinson's short, DEBS.
That's Jeffrey Schwartz on the right who was also a Producer on EATING OUT 2 (as was your's truly) and his film, SPINE TINGLER - which won the best documentary award at The AFI Film Festival - is currently playing at SLAMDANCE - Sundance's younger, hipper sibling which happens concurrently every year, and is a highly regarding fest in it's own right.

After our much publicized spat, Ross and I made up. I couldn't help myself, I just threw my arms around him as I walked into the Queer Lounge. Ross you had me at , "Who let that crazy dyke in here!?"
I'm not going to be able to see many of the films here, but if you're interested in reading more reviews, check out Ross's post Sundance wrap up on

Quinn of here! films holds court. Or maybe he's holding an imaginary bunny rabbit. One or the other.

GLAAD Executive Director Neil Giuliano, Senior Director of Media Programs RashadMeida Director Damon Romine, with Jorge Sanchez from the Cesar Chavez Institute/Center for Research on Gender and Sexuality.

I was very excited to see literature from GLAAD at this party which urged independent queer cinema, and offered advise, resources and tools.

This ties in nicely with the theme of Sundance itself this year, which is the year of the first time director with so many of the panels having to do with making film yourself.

CONVERSATION of the party (this is a section of my blog every day where I'll share with you some of the stand out conversations of the day, sine so much of this festival is interacting with other filmmakers):
Today's was with Jorge, pictured above. The topic had to do with LGBT people getting away from the cliched images of "gay culture", meaning an acclimation to more "ordinary" and "family centered" lifestyles away from the disco/nightclub/sexually promiscuous arena of years ago. Jorge had an interesting point about the effects of us getting away from our Queer Culture and assimilating. I think as homosexuals we are not all show tune singing, leather chaps
wearing, sexually open people...some of us may just want to have a family, live in a suburb and lead mundane lives.

This discussion went on and on and it was WONDERFUL. A lot of interesting thoughts were shared.

As a side note, whilst spinning around on icy pavement in my subcompact left me unscathed, I did trip and take a really hard fall on the steps outside my condo. I am damaged. If you see me, please offer me a back massage and vicoden. The scruffs on my hands and knees remind me why I DON'T play sports....who needs this?

Anyway, off to the party. More later....

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