Thursday, January 3, 2008

Night of a Thousand Lesbians

It's back. The L Word viewing party at Falcon. Better known as Rocky Horror Lesbian Show. Yelling at the screen, girls dressed to impress, great nosh, fabulous wine and two screenings of the Sappho Soap out under the Hollywood stars.

This is already packed and fully reserved, but bottle service is still available. I've never sat in a bottle myself, but it's very I Dream Of Jeannie. Sounds better than a booth.

Also, if you'd like to go to the HRC Screening,it's being held at Girl Bar RSVP HERE AND SOON!

HRC Viewing Party Details:

The Factory
652 North La Peer Drive
West Hollywood, CA 90069
MUST RSVP at address above
hosted by HRC

Falcon Details:

Please know that vip entry does not = guararenteed entry. Once we hit capacity everyone must wait in line. Bottle Service Reservations still available: email Linda at for more information

FALCON RESTAURANT: Season Premiere of L Word Season 5

For those of you who have not experienced this spectacular event - this is what usually goes down

4:30pm: Girls start to line up in front of Falcon (season 2 they lined up in the rain - talk about dedication)

5:00pm: Doors to Falcon Open

5:30pm: Falcon gets close to capacity so we start to hold the line to allow dinner guests first entry

6:00pm: Falcon is bursting at the seams with hot lesbians - security must keep the girls waiting in the wings on Sunset Blvd

7:00pm: First Screening

8:00pm: Saratonin starts spinning dance music at the conclusion of the first screening

9:00pm: The rotation of dinner guests begin, first seating begins to leave and second seating begins to arrive - Girls still waiting in line

1:000pm: Second Screening begins

11:00pm: DJ Saratonin works the boards for the duration of the night - girls are still waiting in line

Get the drift - get there early to ensure entry - or get there after 11pm to dance
Book your dinner reservation to ensure a comfy seat for the following weeks now.
Week 2 at Falcon is almost booked - there are only 13 episodes and 13 weeks to enjoy this annual event

Bottle Service Reservations still available: email Linda at for more information

Finally - Thank you for always supporting our events

As always: Love and Liquor
Linda and Michelle and the girls of fuse

7213 Sunset Blvd (3 blks west of LaBrea Ave)
Hollywood • 323-850-5350

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